Stefano Festa


We make sportswear for the best brands.

An extraordinary combination of the luxury and style of high fashion and the practical solutions associated with sportswear and active wear.

Thanks to its staff with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector, FBS sees to the crucial process of bringing life to the designer’s idea, achieving splendid items of clothing by providing: research, design, development and production.
This is how down jackets, windbreakers, rain coats, parkas, leather and sheepskin items come to life, designed by fashion leaders and high-end sportswear brands.

These qualities have made FBS the trusted partner for every brand that wants to include the haute-couture values that have brought them success in their outerwear, active wear and leisure wear collections.


An informal but prestigious Italian story.

Behind the 2009 founding and rapid growth seen by FBS is the calling, family tradition, skill and passion of Stefano Festa Marzotto.
A life in sportswear, always holding a privileged position in the family business and in the brands that have made history in elite Italian sportswear: Belfe and Post Card.

Then, a long series of prestigious cooperative projects, both commercial and for product research, with names such as Donna Karan, Kenzo and Fendi, as well as management of the Giorgio Armani Pelle brand for over fifteen years, under a licensing agreement.

Know how developed over 25 years, through research and work, with an enthusiastic and passionate team, working together with professionals, acquiring sensitivity and the attention to detail necessary to create products of the highest quality, while keeping up with changing trends in the top level sportswear sector.


A repository for our past, to move us towards the future.

Fashion changes in cycles and frequently reinterprets past trends. When the path is long, being able to look back on the course taken and interpret the tracks is invaluable in creating new codes and languages.

This is what we do in FBS: we take care of and conserve the past so it can continue to teach us, through our archive.

Thirty years woven into the history of two worlds, fashion and sport, filtered through the fabrics and lines of the collections we have contributed to over the years.

A treasure chest that contains over 2,000 items: 2,000 ideas, 2,000 inspirations and stimuli for the imagination, exclusively available to our clients and their design offices.


Luxury feeling, sporty cut, complete service.


The designer’s idea comes first.
And then, comes the work of the women and men of FBS, through to the industrialized product.
The ability to interpret the personality and specific aspects of an idea, next-generation CAD software, expert hands that run sewing machines or patiently handle needle and thread: small details that make a big difference. A company that is better than the rest at discovering and identifying the right technical cut for every fashion need.
From model development to prototypes, to fabric research and selection, through to delivery of the production order, we do everything. We do it all in our plant, we do it in Italy.


Knowledge and versatility, tradition and technology: active wear.

Luxurious, exclusive, special but informal: We know just how it’s done. FBS is specialized in research, design, development and production services, aimed at high end fashion houses and brands, for informal sports wear and quilted, leather and technical items.

We handle outdoor clothing for men and women: light and heavy jackets, raincoats, windbreakers, pants, skirts, ski suits with synthetic and real down filling, unlined garments, and multi-use items for winter and summer.

Thanks to our experience in the fabric sector, we treat the raw materials with respect and expertise: nylon or silk, cotton or cashmere, simple blends, quilted, bonded or stretch, lined or unlined.


We take care of all the technical details necessary for the client’s intended functional use (hoods, removable parts, inserts or various materials used in the same item).

The excellent quality of the products is provided by a number of factors: the quality of our staff, some of the most skilled workers in the Veneto region, continuous research to find new solutions, technologies or materials, and versatility in the use and combination of those materials. For example, leather is used in many finished items, in sophisticated applications that work perfectly with fabric and/or knit.


FBS: a luxury reserved for the leaders in luxury.

We guarantee our clients the highest quality results. Our operating practices make us the favorite of the most demanding, the perfectionists, the most discerning.

The requirements and requests we receive from our clients are the only manual we follow, the only strategy we need – the goal is personalized service down to the last detail, the most complicated process, the most unusual and distinctive finishing touch.

This is why we dedicate a team of experts to each project, tailor made for each client.

We have always had partnerships with a small number of select brands, extremely well-known, prestigious and exclusive names within the world of fashion and high end sportswear.


Select, interpret, make - piece by piece.

When it comes to active wear, we have something to say. In between creative inspiration and commercialization, we offer irreplaceable know how, able to ensure the utmost functionality and fit in the final product…
We are fluent in the languages of fashion and sport. We know how to identify, perfect and optimize the desired model, aesthetically, functionally and economically – always finding the best solution. All while respecting the designer’s vision.
The result can be seen, felt and worn.


Corporate social responsibility

Respect and responsibility, not just a passing fashion.

People and the environment: always and in all cases our most precious assets.
Corporate social responsibility is a precise commitment and an absolute priority for FBS, in line with the traditional sensibilities of the fashion industry – ensuring healthy working environments, free of threats and discrimination. More specifically, FBS has demonstrated full compliance with the standards required for Social Accountability International SA 8000 ethics certification, verified through the initiative of one of its clients.

Additionally, as part of its overall commitment to environmental issues, the roof of the plant holds a 141 Kw photovoltaic system, which provides the company with all the green energy it needs.